5 Ways to use Bifold French Doors to Improve your Home

Bifold French doors are versatile doors that can improve any space. Lots of people don’t realise that bifold doors can be made in the French door style, which means that homeowners are missing out on the fantastic benefits that bifold French doors have.

There are plenty of ways to use bifold French doors in your home and they can really add character to a room. Check out our top 5 ways to use bifold French doors to improve your home.

Between the living room and dining room

If your living room and dining room are attached, you can have a lovely open space to use when entertaining. However, sometimes it is nice to be able to separate the rooms to create a different atmosphere.

If you fit solid doors in between, this can stop you from ever having an open space, whereas bifold French doors allow you to close off the rooms when you want to whilst still allowing a lot of light through.

Divide a large room

If you’ve got a very large living room, it can look too vast and open without a break somewhere in the middle. In a living room, you could try breaking it up and creating a peaceful reading area on one side. Perhaps frost the glass and add a few plants to give it a relaxing feel.

Add bifold french doors to your hall

If you’ve got a wide entrance hall into your home, consider using bifold doors here. They can look striking and make a bold statement from the moment any guest walks into your home.


bedroom bifold french doors
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It might not be the first room that springs to mind when you think of bifold doors, but a bedroom can benefit from them. They add lots of light to the room which can be blocked out at night with blinds. For added privacy, you could go for frosted glass.

Open out into your garden

It was very common for properties to have sliding patio doors in the early 2000s. But how about adding style and character to your garden by having bifold French doors instead?

By swapping your sliding door for a bifold door you will add space as you will be able to pull the doors right back, which will give a perfect flow from your home to your garden without much effort.

Emily Rivers

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