Bifolding door benefits

Bifolding doors are one of the most popular installations in the UK, opening up space in the home and bringing more light to the property throughout the year. They can be installed between two rooms or will connect the home from the outside world.

This design of door is now more popular than the standard patio doors and French designs, as it has shifted from being a luxury item to something more affordable. Whilst they can be more expensive than other door options, the advantages listed below counter this added price.

Connect to your garden:

One of the main reasons homeowners opt to fit bifolding doors in their property is because of the fact they can fold back to give a fantastic access to the outside world. Unlike patio doors, which will only open half of the space, bifolding doors can be completely folded to one side, providing the sense of freedom.

Ideal for new builds:

As more and more people look to build their own home, bifolding doors have shot to popularity. If you’re looking for the very best in doors for your home then you should look to bifolding doors to offer this.

Easy installation:

If you have a patio in your garden but no way to access this, or you want to improve access to the garden, then bifolding doors are great because they’re easy to install. They’re constructed from smaller panels which slide to one side to open up the space.


Bifolding doors have the flexibility to be used for whatever purpose you desire. They can be folded inwards or outwards, you can choose left or right hand opening, and you can even have a swing door if necessary.

Ease of use:

Bifolding doors are very easy to use and the installer will fit the tracking which the doors glide on to open. There is nearly no friction too, because of maintenance-free roller bearings. So you can use your doors over and over again without the worry of them faulting and needing repair.

Wide range of designs:

With modern bifolding doors there are a range of designs and styles available to you, whether it’s retro, classic or colonial. On top of this you can choose the material for you (typically uPVC, aluminium or hardwood) and select a colour that suits your home.


Modern bifolding doors offer everything you need for security, featuring the multipoint locking mechanism, internally beaded frames and high security hinges. With all of these you can get peace of mind and know your bifolding doors are very secure.

Remember, with bifolding doors it’s best to compare up to four free quotes from reputable companies. This will help you to get the best price on the market and also ensures you find a company you will be confident in.

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