Bifold door price guide

Bifolding door installations offer excellent flexibility, look fantastic and make accessing your garden a whole lot easier. Find out more about the cost of bifolding doors and their amazing benefits.

For conservatories and rooms linking the home to the garden, you’ll typically see patio or French doors installed. Both of these have their advantages, but aren’t exactly space savers.

Bifolding doors have a reputation as a more luxury product and to some extent perhaps still are. But over the last few years advances in technology have made them more easily accessible. You’ll find a bifolding door installation more expensive than other options, but many will argue the benefits far outweigh the initial installation costs.

Bifolding door costs

As mentioned, a bifolding door installation could set you back more than patio or French doors and for your own home it’s important to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks.

The below prices do not include installation costs and are estimates only:

  • uPVC bifolding door – £1,460
  • Aluminium bifolding door – £1,800
  • Hardwood bifolding door – £2,250

The benefits of bifolding doors

There are a number of excellent benefits with bifolding doors, including the following:

  • Great access outside

Bifolding doors have the ability to fold back, open up space in your home and give you a great access to the garden. Of course, sliding doors will only free up half of the space, whereas bifolding leave just a few inches which can’t be utilised.

  • Perfect for new builds

If you’re building a new home, an extension or even completely refurbishing one of your existing rooms, then bifolding doors fit the bill as an excellent installation. The modern look is in keeping with the appeal you’re likely to want.

  • Easy to install

Bifolding doors are easier to install simply because of the way they’ll fold back. Carrying a patio door through your property can be hard work and if you don’t have access from the back, nearly impossible.

  • Excellent flexibility

Bifolding doors don’t just have to be used in the conservatory or linking the home to garden in another room. You can just as conveniently fit them elsewhere in the home, wherever space is a problem.

  • Easy to use

Bifolding doors work with a free-glide system for ease of use and you won’t need to perform maintenance because of needle roller bearings. This means the installation can be used for many years without a hitch, proving a worthwhile investment.

  • Wide range of styles and designs

With plenty of advances in the bifolding door market and different materials available, there’s now a lot more choice when it comes to selecting the bifolding doors for you. there are plenty of colours to pick from so you can ensure the blend is perfect with your property.

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