Bifold Doors Cost Guide

If you’re planning on getting some new bifold doors in 2024, you’ll need to know how much you should expect to spend. This plays an important part in planning your project, as well as getting a product and service that’s right for you. To do all this, however, you need to know as much as possible about this popular home improvement feature.

We’ve put together this handy bifold doors cost guide to give you a rough indication of what to look for and consider. A lot of things affect how much your project is likely to cost and it’s not just a matter of money. The effort and time you’ll be investing to install quality bifold doors can make a big difference to your comfort and security.



Do your research

How many panels does your bifold door need to have? Do you want double glazing or triple glazing? What type of frames would you like? Materials, configurations and features are among the elements you should explore first. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can focus more on how much each aspect of the installation will cost and who to entrust the project to.


What are bifold doors?

Simple and stylish - Bifold door price guide
Simple and stylish – Bifold doors cost guide

When in comes to patio doors, for example, UK homeowners tend to go for either sliding or bifold doors. While the first option is simple and no less attractive, a bifold configuration can be a lot more impressive and practical. It all comes down to how it works.

Bifold doors cost as much as they do because they’re made up of multiple panels – between two and seven. They’re designed to fold and slide in and out. A fixed door is also commonly included for easier movement between the inside and outside of the house.

Bifold structures are becoming more and more popular because of their ability to instantly transform that part of the house. They can either serve as a wall of glass, letting in plenty of sunshine. Or they can open onto the patio or garden to allow free access to fresh air. There’s a lot to bifolding door benefits.


Here are several reasons why homeowners are happily embracing the cost to install bifold doors.

  • Strong – the better the materials used, the higher the door’s durability
  • Secure, if reinforced with a good combination of features
  • Easy to use and maintain – make sure to clean it now and then
  • Modern look – the materials used in the bifold design connects the home and garden in style
  • Impressive exterior door – perfect for making a statement during garden parties
  • Brightens a space – whether open or closed, bifold doors let it loads of light and fresh air
  • Improves the look and feel of your home, while also refreshing your lifestyle
  • Configurations for every preference – whatever the size, sliding direction, style or finish you need, there’s a good bifold option available


Despite its many benefits, there are a few things to be wary of, so you don’t end up regretting your investment. This kind of home improvement is quite the commitment, so make sure it is what you want.

  • Their complex design means that bifold patio doors cost quite a bit – expect to spend a few thousand pounds for a decent construction
  • It can be a hassle opening and closing a bifold door – including a panel that doubles as a normal door costs extra
  • Lots of glass often leads to fluctuating temperatures and insulation issues
  • Security is another concern with these glazed, sliding doors – improving them requires extra expenses


Bifold door materials

There are three popular materials to choose from when browsing bifold doors. They each come with their own strengths and weaknesses, so weigh these against the demands of your project. This way you’ll know which suits your home the most.


Approx. cost Advantages Disadvantages
£3,000 – £4,000+
  • Glass framed in warm, natural colours
  • Versatile and stylish designs
  • Great thermal insulator
  • Strong and resilient to damage
  • Available in a range of prices
  • Needs a quality finish to ensure long life
  • Needs frequent maintenance
  • Prone to wear and tear over time


Approx. cost Advantages Disadvantages
£2,000 – £6,000+
  • Very strong and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Sleek look
  • Versatile design options
  • Very expensive
  • Not ideal for classic home styles
  • Not an effective insulator


Approx. cost Advantages Disadvantages
£1,500 – £3,500+
  • Affordable
  • Resilient to most damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile appearance and features
  • Good thermal insulator
  • Not the strongest frame
  • Not a high-end look


Quality glass - Bifold door price guide
Quality glass – Bifold doors cost guide

The effectiveness of a bifold door lies in its glass as much as its frame and additional features. You have three options to choose from, depending on how durable and efficient you want the door to be. Your budget, of course, also affects what you can afford to install. Here are three popular types of glass alongside their prices and attributes.

Double or triple glazing

Approx. cost Advantages Disadvantages
£500+ per panel
  • Great thermal and noise insulator
  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Reduces utility bills
  • Adds value to the house
  • Expensive upfront and to maintain
  • Damage can lead to more serious problems

Low-E glass

Approx. cost Advantages Disadvantages
£500 – £1,000+ per panel
  • Energy efficiency
  • Great thermal insulator
  • Saves on energy bills
  • Expensive
  • Hazy effect in the glass
  • Special installation and repair needs

Safety glass

Approx. cost Advantages Disadvantages
£1,500 – £3,500+
  • Affordable
  • Resilient to most damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile appearance and features
  • Good thermal insulator
  • Not the strongest frame
  • Not a high-end look


Bifold door configuration


The structure of a bifold door is more or less standard. The panels fold and slide together in whichever direction you’ve chosen. You can have up to seven panels, stretching across a length of wall. It’s the odd numbered configurations that include an independent panel that works as an easier access door.

So, on top of taking care to choose the right materials for your bifold doors you need to check out the price of panels. Then decide how many you actually need and what other alterations you’ll need to make to install them. Do you already have an access door? Or do you need a configuration with an access panel?

Configuration Approx. cost
2 panels £1,500 – £2,500+
3 panels £1,500 – £3,000+
5 panels £2,000 – £5,000+
6 panels £2,000 – £6,000+
7 panels £2,500 – £6,000+


Another choice you have is between a top-hung or bottom-rolling configuration. This means that the weight of the sliding panels can be applied on either the top or the bottom of the structure. There are pros and cons to each option, which affect what your home can actually accommodate.

In terms of bifold doors cost, the more complicated the overall design, the higher the expense. Bottom tracks, for example, aren’t essential, but they are worth the investment if you want the door to work properly and last longer. The retailer or tradesperson you hire can advise you on what the best configuration is for your home.

Track type Advantages Disadvantages
  • Impressive and versatile appearance
  • Easy to install for an experienced professional
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Needs quality installation to work smoothly
  • Needs a strong frame and lintel to support the weight of the panels and wall
  • Can accumulate dirt in the bottom guide track
  • Appealing and versatile
  • Less pressure on the structure of the frame and wall
  • Easy to use and install
  • Needs expert installation
  • Dirt can accumulate in the bottom track, obstructing the door


Bifold door security

uPVC door lock - Bifold door price guide
uPVC door lock – Bifold doors cost guide

This design is generally very secure and less inviting to intruders than you might think. Because of the amount of glass and strength of the structure, it’s a risky entry point for a burglar. But you can still take extra measures to ensure the safety of your property.

There are four main things to consider when planning to reinforce your bifold doors. We’ve already highlighted the importance of the glazing and that safety glass is a great option to go for, despite the steep price. Before we go into additional features that can add to your peace of mind, you should get to know the standards set within Building Regulations.

Document Q

UK homeowners can trust doors and windows in New Dwellings bearing this official stamp of approval, specifically the PAS 24:2016. These requirements Approved Document Q has specified refer to bifold doors too. If you’ve built or moved into a new house, check whether your bifold doors are secured to PAS 24:2016 standard.

It means that:

  • The doors are strong
  • Their parts are high quality, especially in terms of damage resistance
  • They’ve passed tests against most burglary techniques

Security screen

An alternative or extra security feature. This screen is basically a mesh layer fitted in front or behind your bifold door. If you leave that open, the screen can still keep intruders out, as well as dust and UV radiation. You can match its material and style with those of the bifold door, while installing it with little effort and expense. If you’re looking a cost-effective security investment, a screen and decent lock could turn out less expensive than a high-end glass and locking system.


A range of locks are available for different budgets and security levels. A Document Q approved bifold door often has a multi-point system in place, which you can easily confirm. As one of the best locking mechanisms on the market, if you don’t already have it, it may be a wise investment.

Alternatively, you could go for a combination of locks to achieve the same degree of security. Take a look at the types and prices available before making a commitment. You can also explore our locksmith price guide for even more detail on the different locking mechanisms out there.

Lock type Benefits Approx. cost
Multi-point lock
  • Very secure and durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Sufficient safety alongside a good bottom tracking system
£50 – £100+
  • Secure if combined with other locking systems
  • Standard lock easy to install and use
  • Available in electric form
£10 – £100+
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Durable
  • Quite secure
  • Simple to install and use
£10 – £50+
  • Very secure
  • Durable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Included is many locking mechanisms
£10 – £40+
  • Familiar and easy to use
  • Durable
  • Quite secure, but best combined with other mechanisms
£10 – £30+


DIY vs professional fitting

With so much to consider for a single project, you need to weigh the benefits of doing the work yourself versus hiring a tradesperson. While there are simple options that won’t need too much specialist treatment, it’s vital that their installation meet good security and performance standards. This will not only make you feel safer, but also ensure your cost to install bifold doors doesn’t end up including repairs and even replacements of parts fitted wrong.

Here are some pros and cons to get you started:

  Advantages Disadvantages
DIY benefits
  • Cost-effective
  • Bespoke configuration
  • Freedom of choice
  • Minimal pressure in dealing with professionals
  • Needs a lot of planning
  • Needs very careful installation
  • Mistakes are possible and costly
Professional benefits
  • Expert installation
  • Expert advice
  • System will likely look better and last longer
  • Can be expensive
  • Needs careful search and supervision of professionals


How to choose a professional for bifold doors?

Professional work - Bifold door price guide
Professional results – Bifold doors cost guide

You’ll be able to find both independent tradespeople and whole businesses specialising in fitting doors, including the bifold range. The overall result and expense depend on the skills and integrity of the professionals. But how do you spot the best people for your project?

For this – and before you approach anyone for quotes – you need three things:

  • Market knowledge – you can get through extensive research
  • Qualification knowledge – the Competent Person Scheme is a good standard to check for
  • Several quotes to compare with each other and work out the best offer

Competent Person Scheme

The government set up this programme to certify professionals within various industries, marking their work standards as being in accordance with Building Regulations. If you hire someone with these credentials, you won’t need to go through as much planning approval from local authorities.

Apart from providing tradespeople with great technical skills and a confidence boost, it also assures their customers of their reliability. At the end of the bifold doors project, a professional with Competent Person Scheme accreditation will leave you with a certificate confirming its high and official standard.

Not everyone will have this kind of qualification, but you can get a sense of what a trustworthy tradesperson should be like – knowledgeable, straightforward and accommodating. As you explore the services in your area, you should be able to determine which are most promising. Check their certification and experience, as well as their take on your project.


Set a budget

Once you know what you want your bifold door to look like and how to search for a professional, you should set a budget. Explore the options available in your area and make a note of the best ones, including prices and a breakdown of services. Make sure your research is realistic, so you know you can afford it and don’t have to backtrack later.


What factors affect bifold door prices?


The quality of your materials and configuration will take up a large part of your budget. For example, aluminium bifold doors cost quite a bit because they’re the most durable on the market. The size and number of panels of your new entrance is no less important, as are the features it will include.

Be careful when picking out the perfect bifold doors, since minor choices like colour and finish can up the price considerably. Essentially, the simplest design can maximise your home and garden spaces beautifully and without overspending on things you don’t even need.


Unless you’ve chosen the DIY route, which does come with its own expenses, installing the bifold doors will probably cost you more than the products themselves. This is because of the amount of work that goes into configuring the frame and different elements to your specifications. Your home’s structure can also influence how the fitting is handled, not to mention how long it’s going to take.


The complexity of the project determines the amount of work it requires. Your professional’s quote is broken down into various aspects, such as materials, transportation, waste disposal and number of workers. Surprises along the way can add to the final bill, so you need to keep track of the process. But you could avoid this kind of extra expense entirely with careful planning before works start. If the workers have all the information they need, they’ll be able to give a far more accurate quote that won’t change.


The cost of bifold doors UK homeowners face vary from place to place. This is because where you and the professional are based affects the demands of the job. Firstly, tradespeople have expenses and responsibilities they have to cover. And, so, they will charge accordingly, especially if they’re a prominent business or need to travel a fair distance to get to your property. Accessibility is another major factor to any home improvement project, which is why hiring someone local is best.


How much do bifold doors cost?

A breakdown of what bifold doors cost has multiple layers, each coming at its own expense. To get the most accurate price possible for your bifold door installation, you should get a couple of quotes. And don’t forget to work out what services they encompass.

In addition to the price guides above, here are a few more rough budget ideas for different parts of the process:

Type of service Approx. cost
Installation £100 – £200+ per day
Materials £600 – £3,000+
Workers £250 – £500+


Ways to reduce what bifold doors cost

This kind of project is going to cost a fair bit of money. While there’s not much you can do to change that, you can limit how much you spend on individual parts. At the same time, you can control the impact the additional costs.

Here are a few good ways to achieve this:

  • Stick with a simple and durable design – two to three uPVC panels can be customised to look great without breaking the bank
  • Avoid expensive materials and features – you could invest in a combination of basic products and more specific high-end parts like locks and glazing
  • Keep customisation to a minimum – bespoke doors look fantastic but special tailoring can be expensive depending on provider
  • Control the amount of work necessary – the fees for tearing down walls and moving metres can pile up
  • Get to know your local tradespeople and compare their quotes – a minimum of four should present you with plenty of options


How long does it take to install bifold doors?

Simple design - Bifold door price guide
Smart design – Bifold doors cost guide

Once again, it all depends on the complexity and preparation of the project. An average bifold door installation shouldn’t take more than a few hours – around four maximum. But it’s not uncommon for large designs with lots of additional features and surprises to take a day or two to complete. Controlling the disruption for yourself and your neighbours is another reason why planning ahead and carefully is so important.


Do you need planning permission for bifold doors?

Typically, you don’t need planning permission for bifold doors if it’s just a replacement. However, it would be a good idea to check with local authorities or your certified tradesperson about any alterations to the structure of the house. Minor changes should still be within your permitted development rights, but developing on certain sights like listed buildings and national parks could need permission.



Hopefully, our guide will help you understand the bifold door industry better. As a homeowner making a major home improvement you want to know that your choices and investments are the right ones. Keep exploring the market and all the options open to you, but be smart when putting your project together. It needs to be tailored to your home’s and budget’s capabilities.

Only when you have a clear idea of what you want to do, gather quotes from professionals. Don’t be afraid of high-end companies as they could provide the best services around. But prepare for a significant expense and make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. You should have control over most design details, such as size, panel type and configuration. Having several options on the table, including a combination of DIY and expert work, allows you to make an informed and realistic decision.

Now that you know roughly how much bifold doors cost, you should feel more confident about approaching local professionals. Simply getting their opinion alongside a helpful quote can be invaluable. So, fill in our online form and we’ll put you in touch with up to four qualified tradespeople in your area.