Replacing a garage door

It’s actually quite rare nowadays to find a garage used for what it was originally built for; and that’s storing vehicles to keep them off of the road. If you have a garage, how often do you keep your car in there?

The chances are, instead it’s swamped with clutter and tools, with no real sense of organisation or tidiness. We could be wrong, but that’s the typical layout around the UK.

However your garage is kept though, what’s important is to have working doors that are in a safe condition. Is it time to replace yours? Garage doors can creak or maybe be impossible to lift when old and outdated, so if you recognise these symptoms it’s time for a change.

Let’s take a look at your options:

Tilt-up garage doors

Traditionally there are two types of garage door to pick from in the UK, which makes it easy in the sense that you won’t have a whole range of options. First up is the tilt-up style, typically seen with older homes before they’re better matched with the traditional appeal. You’ll know the type – there’s often a single panel which is hinged to rise up and slide alongside the garage roof. Of course, there are plenty of different styles and designs and you can easily find something that’ll improve your kerb appeal.

Sectional roll-up garage doors

So we’ve had a look at the main choice for older properties, but how about the millions of new homes built around the country? For these you’ll probably be more interested in a sectional roll-up. They’re constructed of four or more horizontal sections, hinged together. These garage doors retract straight up the track rather than moving as one, so you save a lot of space.

So there you have it; the two different garage doors likely to take your fancy. You have everything you need to know now right? Wrong, because what’s almost as important as the style, is the material it’s manufactured from.
The good or possibly bad news here, is there are a few more options at your disposal:

  • Wooden garage doors

If you choose wooden garage doors, it’ll be for their aesthetic appeal, rather than durable qualities. They look brilliant and should certainly be considered for traditional properties. The problem with wood though is that it can crack or warp over time if left unmaintained. That means it’s important to keep it in good condition by repainting every few years.

  • Steel garage doors

If you’re looking for strength and durability in your garage doors then there’s nothing on the market quite like steel. Many people actually believe they look just as good as wooden doors too, but without the same level of maintenance, ensuring they’re a household favourite.

  • Aluminium garage doors

If you want metal garage doors but don’t have the budget to allow for steel, then your next best option is aluminium. They’re cheaper and fairly lightweight, making them a popular investment. They won’t rust either so you have little ongoing maintenance worries.

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