Bifold Door

uPVC bifolding doors

Bifolding doors have become a national favourite for a number of reasons, surpassing patio and French designs.

However, when it comes to choosing the doors for your home, a lot will come down to the material you pick. There are three options for this: aluminium, hardwood and uPVC. In this article we’ll look at uPVC bifolding doors and the reasons you may choose this product.

With uPVC bifolding doors there are a range of benefits and you can see these below.


uPVC is by far the cheapest of the three materials on offer. And despite it costing less, it by no way skimps on quality. Aluminium is often the most expensive option, as a metal, but it’s the strongest and most durable of the three.


uPVC is both durable and weather resistant, making it extremely popular for the windows, doors and conservatories markets. uPVC is manufactured with additives and stabilisers to protect it from the sun’s natural UV rays too, ensuring it’ll look great for even longer.

Range of colours:

In the modern day you no longer need to have bright white uPVC installations and there has been an influx of colours in the market. With a spectrum of colours available, you can choose black, grey, blue, green or even woodgrain finishes resembling the real thing.


uPVC bifolding doors now come with the very latest locking mechanisms, providing extra protection for your home from potential burglars and break-ins. Not only can you have a multipoint locking system, but the glazing can be internally beaded and you could opt for toughened or laminated glass too.


uPVC bifolding doors are easy-to-use and experts in the industry believe they’re much better equipped than uPVC installations. Aluminium will never need repainting either, whilst not twisting or warping.

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