Why Aluminium Bifold Doors are the Perfect Choice for your Home

If you desire bifold doors for your home, one of the primary choices will be the material you choose. There are many factors that will make up your choice, however for lots of homeowners aluminium bifold doors are the supreme choice.

But what are these elements that you have to think about? Discover our pros and cons guide listed below.

Pros of aluminium bifold doors


Aluminium, as a metal, is particularly strong. In reality, it’s more resilient and resistant to weather than the other options of uPVC or wood.

On top of this, aluminium doesn’t experience some of the issues associated with both of these, such as rusting, rotting, deforming or bowing.

Slim lines

Due to the strength of aluminium combined with modern bifold doors, there is no drifting mullion. So you can expect more glass in the setup and slimmer lines, producing an extremely stylish appeal.

Variety of colours

With aluminium bifold doors you have a massive choice of colours to pick from. The opportunities are unlimited so you can find a colour that suits both your taste and your property.


If you like to keep your home eco-friendly, then aluminium bifold doors are the option for you. Aluminium is an abundant natural material and can even be recycled time and time again, with no loss of quality.

This suggests old doors and windows can be broken down and utilised in the future rather than buried in the ground. In reality, recycling aluminium conserves 95% of the energy used to produce bifold doors from basic materials.


It’s no surprise that security is one of the significant benefits of aluminium doors. Modern bifold doors have the most current locking systems, so you’ll be as safe as homes.

Cons of aluminium bifold doors

Less thermally efficient than uPVC

Because aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, this means they’re not extremely thermally efficient. This could cost you money on your energy bills as you’ll have to whack your heating up to heat the area where your doors are.

However, you can add thermal breaks to improve the U-value (a number that should be 1.8 W/m2 or lower) and you can utilise recycled aluminium to bring the environmental impact of their production down.


Aluminium bifold doors are one of the most expensive options. Expect to pay around £3000 for a 4 bifold door set – excluding glass and setup.

So have you made up your mind yet? If you require more time to consider your alternatives, take a look at our guides on uPVC and wood bifold doors.

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Emily Rivers

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